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Fingerlakes Construction: Nucor Wall Systems

Classic Wall

The Nucor "Classic Wall" (CW) provides a strong, attractive wall panel. This panel is ideal for commercial, community, and industrial applications.

The Nucor "Classic Wall" offers what most builders, contractors, and owners have come to expect from us in a versatile and attractive building system.

The Nucor Classic Wall
36" Coverage / 26 Gage

Reverse Classic

The Nucor "Reverse Classic" (RC) panel offers a rigid surface designed to compress up to 4" of insulation without causing unsightly bulges at the girt. Fasteners are semi-concealed, allowing attention to focus on the beauty of the wall.

The Nucor Reverse Classic Wall
36" Coverage / 26 Gage

Accent Wall

The architectural features of the Nucor "Accent Wall" (AW) make it ideal for fascias and decorative wall designs. The recessed fasteners provide a clean exterior appearance, and the deep rib configuration creates an attractive shadow pattern. Fasteners for the Nucor "Accent Panel" are semi-concealed.

The Nucor Accent Wall
36" Coverage / 26 Gage

Liner Panel

Many times liner panels are specified to protect and to finish the building interior. The 28 Gage panel is coated with a Polyester paint system and is ideal for most liner conditions not exposed to weather.

Where exposure to the effects of weather is a requirement or other colors are requested, specify 26 Gage Nucor "Classic Wall"

The Nucor Liner Panel
36" Coverage / 28 Gage Polar White (STD)

Nucor Standard Panel Paint Systems
Polar White
Fox Grey
Sagebrush Tan
Brick Red
Aztec Blue
Burnished Slate

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