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At Fingerlakes Construction, we approach every new building as though it's our own. We own all the equipment we use, and our fully-insured crews perform all of the work on your project. We take responsibility for every nail and board because your trust in us is our most valuable asset.

Customer-friendly processes make dealing with Fingerlakes Construction an enjoyable experience. Our staff is available and accessible to answer questions or address concerns. You'll enjoy peace of mind with protection - through warranties you can trust and support from our highly-trained service department.

"I was impressed with your company's expedience. We have contracted work with other companies and haven't been serviced when they indicated we would."

- G.T., Ontario, New York

"Our sales representative was great! He followed the progress all the way. The crew was great too!"

- T.B., Auburn, New York

Are you looking to build a new home that provides the custom, creative design you wish for along with the use of the latest in building technology? FLC homes feature SIP construction which is quickly becoming the desired choice for a lifetime of value and comfort.

FLC manufactures high-performance, sustainable homes using insulated wall panels. We manufacture the roof trusses, roof panels, floor trusses, basement panels and completely engineered building shells. These buildings are superior in both energy-efficiency and long-term durability. SIP homes use insulated wall and roof panels that are up to 15 times more airtight than traditional construction and result in more comfort and long-term durability.

A new SIP home built with insulated wall panels reduces air movement and drafts; reduces moisture; reduces noise and reduces dust and allergens from penetrating. A SIP home can also be constructed faster and with less labor because the insulation, framing and sheathing are combined into one panel.

When it comes to design, all you need to do is share your idea of a dream home. High ceilings, lofts, large door and window openings—if you can envision it, we can build it. SIP panels can be manufactured in different variations to accommodate the desired R-Value performance as well as accommodating individual, unique designs giving you the freedom to have your home built your way. The interior and exterior of your new SIP home can be finished in any variety of ways including drywall, vinyl siding or brick.

Your new SIP home may qualify as an ENERGY STAR home. Meeting the ENERGY STAR guidelines means the home is designed to save the homeowner anyway from $600 to upwards of $1,500 on annual utility bills. A FLC SIP panel home package combines building science with high performance products to create a new home that is environmentally friendly yet offers the comfort and conveniences a homeowner wants.

Structural Insulated Panel

Structural Insulated Panels join high performance rigid foam insulation to Oriented Strand Board (OSB) or plywood. The thickness of foam is adjusted to increase R-Value. Exterior and interior facings are shown with standard OSB. Drywall is field applied as needed. The first Structural Insulated Panel type construction was made in 1935 and the buildings are still in use today, nearly 70 years later.

Every FLC home package includes pre-assembled, insulated headers, along with window and door cutouts and horizontal and vertical electrical chases. Using FLC Structural Insulated Panel roof panels, a home can have high vaulted ceilings.

Energy Efficiency

The biggest benefit of Structural Insulated Panel design versus a stick built home is energy efficiency. Don't pay to heat and cool the outdoors! Air leakage and improperly installed insulation can waste 20 percent or more of the energy you pay to heat and cool your home. Typical homes have so many leaks, it's like having a window open all the time, winter and summer.

Vaulted Roof

"Ridge beams with FLC panels can eliminate trusses and open your vaulted great room with extremely high R-values and air-tight panel systems."

Advantages of using FLC Structural Insulated Panel panels for your new home:

New EPS Home Construction
  • The FLC (Expanded polystyrene) insulation is solid and does not allow air movement. 
  • The Structural Insulated Panels resists water whereas batt insulation absorbs water.
  • The stick frame has framing thermal shorts but Structural Insulated Panels don't.
  • The closed cell panel prevents dust and allergens from penetrating the building.
  • Framing insulation and sheathing are combined into one panel allowing faster construction.
  • Larger clear spans can be designed over stick-built projects. The panel loads are distributed over the entire panel due to the continuous bond between the sheathing and rigid insulation. Eighty foot clear spans with freedom of design are easily accomplished.

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