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Fingerlakes Construction Liners
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Fingerlakes Construction: Liners Options

Weatheredge Building Components
Metal Liner

  • Superior structural strength for greater resistance to dents, etc., and less deflection under heavy insulation loads.

  • Painted panels offer a clean, bright finish for a long service life with minimal maintenance. Occasional cleaning is simple with only a mild detergent required.

  • Steel liner panels are quick and efficient to install. The familiar profile covers 3' and is cut to length to minimize labor concerns.

  • Perforated GR liner panel is a high quality acoustical liner panel that significantly reduces reflecthie noise inside the structure.

  • Every panel is cut to the length specified by the customer to insure a good looking project with minimal waste of material and labor.
Fingerlakes Construction Liners

Duratemp Plywood Siding

Siding must be field primed before finish painting. Use quality exterior alklyd, oil or latex system top coats. Do not use vinyl acrylic exterior paint.

Stimson Duratemp plywood siding exceeds the requirements of APA 303 Siding Specifications and US Product Standard PSI.


Duratemp has these approvals
  • I.C.B.O., Report No. 4856

  • HUD-UM-40C

  • NER-QA387, PRP-108

Application Instructions

Refer to stamp on back of Duratemp panel for minimum stud spacing. Space nails 6" oc at panel edges and 12" oc at intermediate supports.

Use corrosion resistant siding, casing nails or box 6d for 3/8" or 1/2" panels, 8d for 5/5" panels.

Apply Duratemp according to the APA application recommendations for performance rated sidings.

Duratemp Brochure
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Duratemp Brochure

Fingerlakes Duratemp Plywood Liner


 Acoustical Liner Panel
 Matches Pro-Rib Configuration
 Virtually Maintenance Free
 29 Gauge Steel
 82,000 Min Tensile Strength
 G60 Galvanized Coating on Painted Panel

This Perforated Liner Panel is a great option to further enhance the interior of your garage, workshop, warehouse or pole barn. The perforation in the panel lets sound waves escape into your attic.

Fingerlakes Construction Acoustic Liner

FRP Board
Product Specifications

Fiber-Lite Prelaminated

  • Product No. SF3P375

  • Thickness .030" Smooth FRP or Textured

  • Substrate 3/8" Ext. Ply

  • Panel Sizes: 4' x 8', 10' x 12'

  • Color: White

  • Other Colors, Moldings, Substrates, Sizes and Thicknesses Available
Fingerlakes Construction Fiber-Lite Prelaminated

Fiber-Lite Liner Panels...

  • Are low maintenance and cost competitive

  • Are corrosion and impact resistant

  • Are attractive and durable

  • Will not hold food or dirt particles

  • Resist moisture, stains, odors and chemicals

  • Have a 10-year limited warranty

  • Are available textured or smooth

  • Are available factory prelaminated to various substrates

Benefits And Features

  • Strong, shatter and scratch resistant.

  • Thermal shock and chemically resistant.

  • Cleans with steam, detergent and water or high pressure sprayers.

  • 100% moisture resistant.

  • Available in 13 colors and various sizes.

  • Installs directly to solid wall surfaces, including masonry, wood and gypsum.

  • Available as drop-in ceiling tiles.

  • All components available for easy installation.

  • Class C Fire Rating, Class A available.

FLC Metal Frame

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FLC Wood Frame


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