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Fingerlakes Construction Insulation
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Fingerlakes Construction: Insulation

Fiberglass Insulation
Product Specifications

  • Superior thermal performance, wide range of available R-values

  • Effective acoustical control

  • Easy to install and fabricate

  • Long term in-place performance

  • Excellent thermal control
Fingerlakes Construction Fiberglass Insulation

ANCO - Textrafine Fiberglass


Anco "Textrafine" insulation is manufactured by a unique process, whereby long, textile-type glass fibers are bonded together in random orientation by a stable thermosetting resin.

This process produces unusually strong, resilient insulation that will return to full thickness following compression.



"Textrafine" insulation can be easily cut and fabricated for use in a wide variety of O.E.M. applications such as storage tanks, railway cars, motor vehicles, that require dimensional stability and resistance to vibration.

Compression packaging is available in a number of density thickness combinations providing significant transportation and storage efficiency.


"Textrafine" insulation is available in density from .75 lbs. ft^3 to 3.0 lb ft^3 and from 1/2" to 6" depending on density.

  • Temperature: To 450 F

  • Fire Hazard Classification: Flame spread no greater than 25, smoke developed no greater than 50.

  • Does not cause corrosion of metals.

  • Does not rot, mold, sustain growth of bacteria, vermin.

  • Various facing materials available on request.

Thermal Conductivity
Fingerlakes Construction Insulation: Thermal Conductivity

Textrafine Brochure
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Testrafine Insulation

Product Specifications

  • Consists of a polyisocyanurate foam core with unique glass fiber reinforcement and solid aluminum foil facers on both sides. This reinforcement, along with chemical modifications, contributes to improved fire performance and enhanced dimensional stability.

  • Standard widths of 16", 24", 48". Lengths from 4' to 40' (8', 9', & 10' Standard).

  • A high performance insulating sheathing for residential or commercial construction, interior or exterior basement application. Especially appropriate for time-rated assemblies. Corner bracing required in new frame construction.

  • Tough acrylic coat aluminum surface can be pressure washed up to 1000 psi for maximum cleaning of confinement buildings or other uses

  • The white surface reflects light and helps reduce light energy cost and improves the work and growing environment

  • Moreover, the tough aluminum/acrylic surface finish helps protect the insulation core and structure from the harsh environment and moisture common in animal confinement and produce storage buildings
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Thermax Insulation

Thermax Insulation
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Reflect R
Product Specifications
  • Better Protection from solar heat Reflect-R's pure aluminum facing reflects 97% of radiant heat gain.

  • Faster Onsite installation Variable widths, custom lengths and the rigidity of the 1/2" core will save man-hours on your jobsite.

  • Durable scrim-reinforced facings provide quality vapor control and attractive appearance

  • Safer In-place fire protection Reflect-R's fiberglass core reduces the risk of fire spread as compared to many non-fiberglass core reflective insulations.

  • Smaller roll dimensions for ease of installation and reduced cost of shipping


Reflect-R Insulation
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Supercube II
Blown In Fiberglass Insulation
  • Non-Corrosive

  • Non-Fammable

  • Non-Combustible

  • Vermin Resistant

  • Pure Glass Fibres
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Supercube II
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