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Fingerlakes Construction: Nucor Framing Systems

Clearspan Rigid Frame

This tapered member frame is typically used in clearspan situations from 40 feet to 150 feet. It can be either gable or single slope. Common roof slopes of 1/4 to 4 in 12 are offered.

When large clearspan areas are required for special industrial and commercial projects, the Clearspan frame type is typically the economical choice.

The Nucor Classic Wall

Clearspan Single Slope

A single slope rigid frame is commonly used on retail centers or as a creative way of adding to an existing structure. Both can be used with either cold-form purlins or open web joists.

Clearspan Single Slope

Modular Rigid Frame

The solid web rigid frame with interior columns provides multiple spans on wider buildings. It can be either gable or single slope. This frame type is economical with individual spans of 40 feet to 80 feet and building widths from 80 feet to 300 feet plus.

The Nucor Accent Wall

Modular Single Slope

Roof slopes are 1/4 to 1 in 12. The Modular frame can be used with either cold-form purlins or open web joists.

The Nucor Liner Panel

Lean-to (LCS)

The Lean-to frame joins to and is supported by a main building frame. Common spans are 20 feet to 60 feet. The lean-to differs from the single slope in that it must be supported on the high side by an adjoining building column.

Clearspan Single Slope

Tapered Beam (TCG)

This straight column rigid frame is designed for maximum efficiency of interior space. It is suitable for all types of small buildings that require clearspans from 20 feet to 60 feet.

Roof slopes of 1/4 to 1 in 12 are available. The Tapered Beam frame is ideal for partitioning interior bays and small crane support systems.

The Nucor Accent Wall

Long Bay System

Nucor Building Systems provides open web joists designed to function as an integral part of the pre-engineered system. Joists are very suitable for the support of floors, roof decks, and standing seam roofs.

Joists are generally more economical when bay sizes are wider than 30 feet or when roof loads are excessive. "K" series joists are normally used up to 60 feet, while the "LH" and "DLH" series joists are normally used from 60 to 120 feet.

The NUCOR "CFR" or a conventional roof option is recommended for use with joist roof systems. Open web steel joists are designed and fabricated according to Steel Joist Institute specifications.

The Nucor Liner Panel

Hardwall Long Bay System

Hardwall systems may be applied to a Nucor Long Bay building when designed by the Project Engineer of Record. The perimeter is masonry or concrete and can be designed as load bearing or non-load bearing shearwalls.

When designed as load bearing, the need for wall columns is eliminated, therefor offering more interior free space. Roof diaphragm action, roof plane bracing, eave trusses, along with shearwalls are needed to provide lateral stability for the structure.

The Nucor Hardwall Long Bay Systeml

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