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Ten Questions to Ask before You Build:

Before you choose your building supplier, be sure to ask these important questions that will determine the long-term value of your building.
  1. Where is my building manufactured and where will the components come from?
    Your building is manufactured at the FLC manufacturing facility in Newark, New York. FLC is a single-source provider. We provide complete building packages for a wide range of projects including Commercial, Municipal, Residential and Agricultural projects.
  2. Who will design and engineer my building?
    FLC has the largest professional planning and engineering team in the Northeast. The entire FLC building package is engineered to meet New York State building codes. Which means, not just the trusses, but all building components are engineered to provide a totally engineered building. FLC engineers each building for maximum interior space with clean framework design. There are no knee braces to obstruct interior space. No shortcuts are made using flimsy banding or cable in walls or the attic.
  3. Will my building meet building code?
    Our experience and knowledge of structural building codes keeps our building safe and compliant. Unlike other providers, an FLC building is engineered to meet structural code as a complete building package.
  4. Who will construct my building?
    Your building will be constructed by trained and experience employees. All FLC employees are company-owners. That means they care about the quality and workmanship that goes into your building. Because we carry substantial insurance coverage, including workers compensation, general liability, umbrella and builders risk, your new building is protected from day one.
  5. Can I have a flexible design?
    We provide designs and engineering from experienced, knowledgeable professionals who create a building that works for your specific needs.
  6. Is there anything unique about your building system?
    Our unique header truss system provides greater structural strength and rigidity. You can choose from an 8-foot OC column or a 9-foot OC column. The 9-foot OC column with 4-1/2 foot OC truss system is a more cost-effective building solution because the dimensions work better with metal roofing and siding. Less cuts–less waste. Additionally with the 9-foot OC package, half-way between each column, a 2” x 6” stiffener is added to increase lateral strength, provide better diaphragm action, less deflection and ultimately less movement of the wall.
  7. What type of warranty will my building have?
    Your building will include a lifetime structural warranty. It will have a 50-year supplier warranty on post and columns and a 40-year warranty on the siliconized paint. Ask us about our other supplier warranties. All warranty work is performed by our employee-owners.
  8. What kind of steel will go on my building?
    All steel panels and trim is roll-formed in our plant and carries a 40-year siliconized paint warranty. Roofing and siding panels are a minimum grade “E”, 80,000 psi tensile strength and are available in 19 color options. DripStop® is available to fight condensation without insulation. FLC provides a superior finish with proprietary steel trims and blocked gable ends to better seal your building. Custom length steel panels available to 40’ length.
  9. How much experience do you have?
    Since 1969, FLC has been manufacturing and constructing buildings for a wide range of applications with state-of-the-art design and flawless execution. We can do a better job on your building because we manufacture and construct it with employees.
  10. What other building types do you offer that might be right for me?
    FLC also manufactures Structural Insulated Panel building packages. The SIP system can be used in ag storage buildings, workshops, new homes and commercial buildings. Because SIPs are up to 15-times more air-tight than conventional construction they provide extreme performance, high efficiency and comfort.

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