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Dairy Facilities

Cow comfort equals profitability! Our barn designs offer one of the most flexible and low-cost building options in the market. Our computer-automated laminated column production line offers complete control over quality and delivery.

  • Freestall Barns
  • Parlor and Holding Areas
  • Intensive Care and Young Stock
  • Commodity and Solar Open Fronts

LVL Rafter/Lam-ply Truss Barns

Both the state-of-the-art LVL rafter barn and lam-ply truss barn give you the maximum in natural ventilation. A variety of ridge venting and curtain options keep your cows comfortable in all weather conditions. These systems eliminate all horizontal members. Unlike a traditional truss, they will give you a cleaner bird-free environment. These designs also give you clean air flow in the multi-row, cross ventilated and tunnel ventilated barns. The optional solar panel gables and translucent curtains offer a bright and airy atmosphere.

Holding Areas

Post frame construction, insulated climate control ceiling system, or a simple inexpensive insulated roof.

Young Stock and Commodity Buildings

Solar open fronts using curtain sides Our post frame buildings do the job.

Intensive Care Barns

A rafter design for great ventilation. This barn can also include an observation and vet room using the tilt-up pre-engineered and manufactured panels.


Using SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) for your new parlor will provide a high-performance, controlled environment. SIPs are maintenance free and easy to clean with USDA finishes available.

Fingerlakes Construction

"Thank everyone for completing my project ahead of schedule. Because of this, we were able to open successfully on our scheduled date and have had many favorable comments from our customers."

- M.M., Ontario, New York

"The building went up without delay, and the site was kept clean. I am very pleased with the work that you and your crew did"

- W.N., Union Springs, New York

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