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Fingerlakes Construction: Commercial

How your new building will be used is unique to you. We'll build to accommodate your needs. We are specialists in post frame construction. Watch us build an efficient, attractive, durable structure at a very reasonable price!

Fingerlakes Construction is a member of the National Frame Builders Association. We deliver high-quality workmanship at a good price, with quick turnaround. We use high-grade custom materials from our own lumberyard and truss plant - which serves to keep yours costs low and quality high.

We work with you to draft and engineer expert designs from experienced, knowledgeable professionals who help create a building that works for your enterprise. Our knowledge of building codes keeps your building safe and compliant - with no surprises!

We will provide you with a worry-free construction environment. Our professionals are fully trained and fully insured. From start to finish, workplace safety and cleanliness are our priority.

You'll enjoy peace of mind with protection through warranties you can trust and support from our highly-trained service department - and we won't disappear after the job is done!


Fingerlakes Construction


Carpenters, Engineers,
and Problem Solvers

With Fingerlakes Construction, there is no limit to what you can achieve - even beyond your own imagination! Every project we accept presents new challenges and new opportunities to apply our proven methods.

Our designs satisfy your goals and fit into the environment with the same economy that makes them fit into your budget.

"Our firm was very satisfied with the service from Fingerlakes Construction Co., Inc. on the projects we worked on together. The quality of their workmanship and personal integrity is to be commended."

- D.N., AIA, Rochester, New York

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