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Solid Core Agricultural Buildings
Structural Insulated Panel Systems

Solid Core Ag Building

Our solid core panel structures are versatile. We'll help design the best possible solution to fit your agricultural needs. FLC can provide combination post-frame storage and Solid Core Panel walls in on ebuilding to enhance insulation and performance.

Structural Insulated Panels join high performance rigid foam insulation to Oriented Strand Board (OSB) or plywood. The thickness of foam is adjusted to increase R-Value.

Energy savings is measured in whole wall R-Value, not just insulation values. Our 6-inch core walls outperform standard steel or stick built walls by over 50%.

Interior wall temperatures are much improved over stick or steel walls. Solid core walls have no sagging insulation, no compressed insulation, no air movement, only solid cores. With no thermal shortcuts to external walls, they simply translate to large savings on your utility bills. The results speak for themselves. Our core panel system is 15 times better at stopping air infiltration. This offers you a comfortable building by virtually eliminating drafts.

Solid Core Ag Building

Choose from the standard R-18, R-26, R-33 or R-40 walls. The colder the outside temperature--the better the R-Value. All types of buildings can be engineered in just about any dimension.

FLC panel systems offer complete customization of roof materials. The most popular are trusses with purlins or structural insulated panels over the top of trusses which offer open attic designs. Shingles, standing seam roofs or virtually any roofing material can also be used.

As with the roofing, siding options are also limitless. Brick, vinyl, cement board siding or just about any material is easily attached to our core panel surface.

Structural Insulated Panel

What are SIPS
or Structural Insulated Panels?

Structural Insulated Panels join high performance rigid foam insulation to Oriented Strand Board (OSB) or plywood. The thickness of foam is adjusted to increase R-Value. Exterior and interior facings are shown with standard OSB. Drywall is field applied as needed. The first Structural Insulated Panel type construction was made in 1935 and the buildings are still in use today, nearly 70 years later.

Every FLC Solid Core package includes pre-assembled, insulated headers, along with window and door cutouts and horizontal and vertical electrical chases. Using FLC Structural Insulated Panel roof panels, buildings can have high vaulted ceilings.

Proven Stronger:

Impact resistance is another standard feature of structural insulated panels. The continuous bonding of FLC insulation to the OSB or plywood offers incredible strength and resistance to impact.

Vertical and horizontal stress loads are tested two times stronger than conventional stud walls. FLC walls resist up to 7,000 pounds per foot which results in structures that are stronger, straighter, taller and wider.


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