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When you work with Fingerlakes Construction, you have the advantage of choosing from a post-frame or a Solid Core building. Or, create a building that is a combination of these two building types.

Post-frame is great for unheated storage where environmental and comfort concerns are limited. A Solid Core building is perfect for a shop space because of the efficient and comfortable workspace it provides.

FLC is experienced in a variety of ag buildings including: crop storage, grain storage, cattle and livestock, farm equipment, workshops and crop processing. Our knowledge of farm buildings keeps your building safe and compliant with no surprises. Our professionals are fully trained and insured and we provide one of the strongest warranties in the industry.

Call today and visit with our ag specialists to discuss the options that will work on your farm.

A Structure That Fulfills Your Vision

You have a unique vision of the kind of building that's best suited for your particular purposes, and we listen to what you have to say. We don't approach every design challenge with the same cookie-cutter solutions. We sit down and talk with you to gather your input before we even commit an idea to paper, much less a shovel to the ground. When you're satisfied that our plan fits your plans, then we start building. And the structure you have in mind will soon follow.

"Thank everyone for completing my project ahead of schedule. Because of this, we were able to open successfully on our scheduled date and have had many favorable comments from our customers."

- M.M., Ontario, New York

"The building went up without delay, and the site was kept clean. I am very pleased with the work that you and your crew did"

- W.N., Union Springs, New York

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